Tch. I’m mad. Stupid dramatic save the brainwashed boyfriend plots are my favorites and the reveal here didn’t live up to the potential. Why do they keep making crummy reveal episodes? Can I expect to get the good version of this one in the next one too?

I’m just thinking of all the better ways they could have done this. For one thing, since they first dropped hints about this back in episode 14 they could have had this be a more ongoing thing. Like start having Viento appear as an enemy about 5 episodes sooner and have repeated encounters. Have him appear without explicitly telling the audience who he is too. Having the audience know what’s going to happen long before Momoko even gets a hint was probably a really big mistake now that I think of it.

Mostly though this episode just wasn’t very good at the reveal. It’s a whole pile of problems in this episode specifically. The art, animation, and actually acting too didn’t back this up at all (I’m going to partially blame that on crappy writing and maybe direction too since Kyoko Hikami has been really good until now).

The fact that it’s kind of just shoved at the back of the episode isn’t really any good either.

Then there’s just a lot of logic missing. Which I could have forgiven if there was a bigger build-up. Like if Viento had appeared and done something that would earn a grudge from the girls rather than just be an especially powerful threat or something. Meh.

Dammit now I’m going to be cranky until the resolution to this shit. GOD HELP THEM IF THEY MESS UP MY ADORABLE SHOUJO RESOLUTION.

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And that’s another thing that doesn’t really gel with how the show has been until now. Because I’m just sitting here, like so what?

Potamos was a full-blown devil who attempted to kill you guys multiple times while fully aware of what she was doing. Yet you healed her with the power of love and forgave her and stuff. So I’m really not seeing the big fuss right now.

I mean I’m sure it’s a shock. But from the outside all I can see is how easily this can be fixed.

#Like sheesh Momoko you're only half angel #no need for you to get all racist about it too #Even your mom seems cooler about it than you #MGS: Wedding Peach #WP Ep45

Yeah see? He’s totally fine. Well, no worse off than usual anyway.

If Momoko’s mom was able to fix him, Momoko should be able to just as easily.

#God help me if this show tries to play this line of drama up through the finale #the love wave is actually super useful #if you'd just treat it consistently you'd be amazed at what you can do #Like beam attacks that don't damange buildings #useful! #not killing people #including your boyfriend #also useful! #MGS: Wedding Peach #WP Ep45

Okay, but like…I’m relatively sure it wouldn’t even hurt him because it’s “Power of Love” and stuff so…

I’m not sure whether this fact just flew over all of the writers’ heads or if they just decided they wanted to milk the drama anyway.

#Seriously she's beaten Viento before #and obviously Yousuke was just fine #so not much of a struggle here tbh #It's one thing to be upset about your boyfriend #it's another to stop using logic #MGS: Wedding Peach #WP Ep45

If you’re this upset maybe you should skip the posing for a change sheesh.

#we went from no expressions at all to suddenly all of the emotions #I'm getting drama whiplash #MGS: Wedding Peach #WP Ep45

Wordlessly looking at the scarf she made for her boyfriend. All that time and effort she spent knitting because she loved him. Because he was kind and wonderful and would never do what she’s seeing. But she still has to stop it, so she musters her courage and puts all her effort into just shouting the words that have become second nature.

See, that’s how you’re supposed to do it. Finally.

#Shame even here the art doesn't really deliver #Is this the same person who animated the big fight with Sandra? #same lifeless experessions #MGS: Wedding Peach #WP Ep45

Also don’t get all that worked up over your friends or anything, Momoko.
This is totally just the same level of shoujo drama as seeing your crush talking to another girl right now.

#Still funny to me how much Yousuke enjoys himself though #forever the troll #it's in his blood #pretty much literally too #MGS: Wedding Peach #WP Ep45

Then after she fails the one time she kind of just sits there in shock and meh. This was the big dramatic emotional reveal in the show and they’re just squandering it so far.

I mean it’s one thing if she’s too shocked to say anything, but I’d at least like the art to back that up.

Where are my close ups of Momoko with her big shoujo eyes? If you can’t manage that at least give Kyoko Hikami some lines or at least direction to do something, because her acting could make up for that.

I’ll totally buy any stupid shoujo drama as long as you go ahead and actually make it dramatic.

#I was looking forward to this so much #the magical girl's reaction to her boyfriend being brainwashed is the best thing #and I'm getting squat #MGS: Wedding Peach #WP Ep45

Bummer about your boyfriend being that demon you were fighting, Momoko.

…I can give you a kinda stale chocolate cookie if it’ll make you feel better. Perhaps some lukewarm ice tea? It’s peach flavored.

#I'd say that figures but this show was actually pretty generous #Let them become a couple and have their first kiss before all this went down #Also kind of the obvious outcome with the way they were playing up the drama there #MGS: Wedding Peach #WP Ep45 #bummer about your boyfriend

Super dramatic crying hugging is still hugging I guess, although I’m still thrown off by the sudden change in tone here.

#I mean Momoko crying makes sense #it's just the way it's been set up #and the music #calm down a little piano solo #MGS: Wedding Peach #WP Ep45 #all the hugs #Momoko x Yousuke