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This is the story of my search through the magical girls of the past and (hopefully) the future. I'm a longtime fan of both shoujo and magical girls. Combine the two and you have the boundless enthusiasm that runs this blog. Enthusiasm that will hopefully last as long as there are magical girls in the world!

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Oops. I accidentally got distracted and spent my whole night making a timeline that would be helpful in tracking the expansion of magical girl franchises and trends in demographics and it is now almost 2am so I don’t have time to do anything else.

Super productive or not at all productive night? We may never know~

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sailor-rurouni replied to your post “I’m glad I found this blog. I love magical girls, but find it hard to find shows. This gives me a lot of resources. Thanks!”

sounds like this anon could benefit from checking out the Magical Girl Project and tumblr user henshins’ stuff. I’ve been getting into more of the older majokko series myself, and those blogs have been invaluable in my search on information.

Yes! Excellent suggestions! henshins hasn’t been active since 2012, which is such a shame, but if anyone ever has an afternoon to kill I highly recommend going through the entire blog. It’s all gold.

The Magical Girl Project is still very active and she actually goes through and tries to watch everything. She just recently did a porno month which wow. That’s dedication.

Actually I’m realizing I don’t know that many general magical girl blogs off the top of my head aside from these and Magical Girl Fanart so if anyone has any further suggestions please be sure to send them my way.

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Enjoy. :)

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Anonymous Asked:
I'm glad I found this blog. I love magical girls, but find it hard to find shows. This gives me a lot of resources. Thanks!

I’m so glad I could help! My blog only covers the shoujo ones so there’s a lot more out there I don’t talk about. Of course I think a lot of those are of poor quality, but there’s some good ones out there too.

Actually even when it comes to shoujo I tend to neglect magical girls from before the 80s a lot…

Hmm…I wonder if I should make a complete resource page at some point to fill in the gaps outside my personal interests.

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Anonymous Asked:
I saw your review on Shugo Chara and it was really good! I'm too shy to say on MAL though, haha...

Ah. I forgot about that. Thank you very much! It’s kind of embarrassing when I get complimented on something I wrote so long ago, but it still makes me really happy!

Reminds me of the good old days. I wrote that review when Shugo Chara! fandom hadn’t hit its peak yet and we were all still finding each other and getting excited about every little thing. Things got a lot more complicated with time, but even now I believe Shugo Chara! was a really good shoujo magical girl anime. Top ten definitely.

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Anonymous Asked:
Hi ! I just wanted to say that I'm so happy to find someone who like Yes! Precure 5 as much as I do. When I entered the Pretty cure fandom I was so disapointed when nobody seem to care for this serie. I'm just so happy right now. Sorry if I bothered you I just wanted to said how much joy I feel. Plus your blog is awesome. (I'm still learning English, sorry for my eventual syntax error.)

No! Not a bother at all! Anyone can feel free to come and share fandom love with me anytime!

I keep hearing that Yes! isn’t that popular and the idea just blows my mind. Because my understanding is that magical girl fandom and Precure fandom is all about the girl friendships and that is 100% what Yes! is about. Like it’s the whole premise, five girls with little to nothing in common end up being the best friends. Also fighting bad guys, but it’s mostly the friendship.

I don’t know, I guess I just love it too much to ever understand. I still think people who don’t adore it are missing out though!

Speaking of missing out, I still have a few episodes left of GoGo! that have been sitting unwatched for a really long time. I think I’ve been really hesitant to let it go. After I watch those I won’t see the girls again until the All Star movies and it won’t really be the shame because the team dynamic I love will change with so many more characters. I really should get to it though. I’ll probably set aside time next weekend to make a proper farewell. 

(btw your English is really good, I didn’t see any noticeable errors at all)

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shuryorin replied to your photo “Oh hey Rei sitting in a room full of lit candles. Because you know,…”

The clerk at my comic shop said she’ll probably wait until Mina’s intro to start watching SMC and I was torn trying to figure out if waiting 6 weeks to start was worse than the 2 week wait between each episode.

That sounds like a nightmare how could anyone last that long without talking about everything!? Especially if she’s waiting for Minako I think that’ll take until episode 7 if they keep following the manga chapter by chapter. So tragic.

No I prefer waiting 2 weeks between each episode. If nothing else you can use the 2 weeks to talk about the episode. The entire 2 weeks yes.

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I’m gearing up for tumblr time in front of my computer after a very unproductive day. I’ll check on the activity from my liveblog. Then I have a couple of anon asks that apparently have just been sitting in my inbox without my knowledge (sorry).

Then I’ll watch Moon Pride for the 20th time and try to figure out exactly to put all of my thoughts into words.

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Ah. It’s 3:30 am so I’ll have to put an end to my poor life decisions here and go to bed. Maybe full episode thoughts in the morning…or more likely afternoon considering the time.

Sorry if anyone who wakes up in the morning and finds out I flooded their mostly empty night dashboard.

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Oh hey Rei sitting in a room full of lit candles. Because you know, candles and fire. Also mystical psychic stuff.

And this time it’s just an eye. By the time we get to Makoto I think we’ll just see maybe an ear. If we’re lucky.

Actually I’m joking because that shot says a lot. I feel like Rei is displaying more sadness than she ever did in probably all 48 episodes of the first season of the previous anime. They’re really hammering in this loneliness before joining the senshi thing. I feel like previous to this that’s something that’s only ever come across nearly as strongly in the R movie.

I’d say it’s probably the shoujo bent making me think that way. You hear shoujo and you probably think romance and while that’s true, shoujo = INTENSE EMOTION is probably most accurate.

I’m really excited for Rei after how wonderfully Ami’s episode went. The one thing I’ve ever actually begrudged the first anime for was the fact that it never went into any of the girls’ history in major detail. This was especially hard with Rei who has so much. And there’s 200 episodes, surely they could have fit it in there somewhere? It didn’t even have to be the same stuff, just any exploration of who they were before would have been nice.

The manga overall has a lot less senshi stuff, but what it has is just so meaty I’ve always tended to prefer that version for everyone except maybe Michiru (Haruka is an either/or for me). Except there’s only so much you can get across in a 30 page chapter. Even if it’s 30 pages of big emotional shoujo eyes. But now those 30 page chapters are being given full animation and after this episode I love the emotional impact so much.

Basically, I’m super excited for lonely ojou-sama miko Rei.