Whoops. I got so off-track with school and my illness that I didn’t finish Act 5 of Crystal before Act 6 aired.

So I won’t fall too behind fandom, I decided to watch both on my own today. However, I’m still going to liveblog each one. Just now I don’t have to feel the same pressure (“Oh god spoilers I have to catch up!”) so it should be easier for me to do it in my own time.

btw I’m still sick so consider everything on hold until that changes.

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Corrector Yui (1999)

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From the CD Magic Knight Rayearth Extra  Hikaru Shidou - Front cover full

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Winged, chibi Mitsuki from Full Moon design on Ribon merchandise! 

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Pretty Cure 10th Anniversary

10 Years of Precure Transformations

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emotional over magical girls tbh

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likestoimagine16 asked: Ever since Happiness Charge 31, I can't get the image of little puppy Phantom out of my head, tbh. Especially since he had a flashback of looking up at Mirage that was nearly parallel to Yuuko and her dog (like, I wouldn't be surprised if Phantom was an anthropomorphized dog, a la Mermaid Melody)

I KNOW. Okay I was super exhausted when I watched that episode, so I didn’t liveblog it which is such a waste because it was actually pretty good. And that one image did so much to make Phantom even remotely likeable to me. I hated him so much. He’s the only character I did not want to see redeemed (aside from the creepy mirror of course). He’s responsible for what’s happened to Iona’s sister and all the other cures, plus what he just did to Megumi with Un-Lovely.

But then Yuuko’s story and oh my god everything he does is suddenly through this puppy dog lens. Every time he’s in front of Mirage he’s just a doggy with his tail all wagging. Every time he gets mad at Blue now I just see my cocker spaniel barking at a delivery truck. Seriously even his interactions with Yuuko where he’s being all angry because rawr threat but then he just tucks his tail between his legs when it’s obvious she’s not afraid of him. What a loser. Just like a dog.

As for him being an actual dog, well I can’t say until we know where all our villains are coming from. There are hints in there. The only thing against it is that the rest all seem human when we saw their purifications, but Phantom is special so he could be different. I think I want him to still be connected to Deep Mirror somehow, even if I don’t think there’s much of a chance of him being Deep Mirror anymore. That one shot was too much to ignore. On the other hand, him being a dog would make pretty much every despicable act more understandable and have it be easier to do the “everyone redeemed” route they seem to be heading with this series.

But honestly, I do hope he isn’t an actual dog. Because somehow that’s less funny to me.

Like I want super tough bad guy Phantom to remember forever that this girl looks at him and sees a harmless little puppy dog. Not just a puppy dog, but a shiba. There is nothing sillier in this world than a shiba, those dogs are a goddamn meme for a reason.

Basically whether he’s actually a dog or not, this is Phantom in my brain from now on. Seeing him try to act even remotely threatening is going to be hilarious.

(p.s. Yuuko was also super cute in that episode getting that happy just because her enemy ate and appreciated her food. I’ve given up and embraced the adorable rice angel. Someone should remind me to write about Yuuko someday, because there’s a lot I miss with her when I blog while watching.)

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I like how this one turned out

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