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This is the story of my search through the magical girls of the past and (hopefully) the future. I'm a longtime fan of both shoujo and magical girls. Combine the two and you have the boundless enthusiasm that runs this blog. Enthusiasm that will hopefully last as long as there are magical girls in the world!

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andrusi replied to your post “I have read this exact line in about 25 high school shoujo…”

it’s after you

I spent five years chasing shoujo, but alas! It was nowhere to be found and so I had to give up.

…Only to find it was stalking me from behind all this time like some kind of sparkly ax murderer.

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Is this show even real? Four episodes in and all pretense is dropped. There’s an episode outright about a shoujo trope.

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I have read this exact line in about 25 high school shoujo cliffhangers.

It’s like every time I specifically go looking for the magical girl stuff that’s when I actually end up with the shoujo.

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So today I decided to watch Lady Jewelpet because that franchise has been running for more than five years now I should actually find out what it is instead of going “lol idk” every time it comes up for magical girl stuff.

But I’m at the end of the first episode and the thing happened.

You know the thing.









I don’t care how many times it happens I will never be able to understand the mechanics in which these things happen.

Well I can at least say that even if I haven’t decided if Jewelpet is really a magical girl series, I can in fact confirm 110% shoujo.

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I started my day reading Miracle Girls and ended up on magical girl timeline again. I think the only way I finish old things is by starting new things that get me distracted.

If anyone wants me to finish any of my old projects make me start something new that’s slightly related. That way I’ll get distracted back into productivity.

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sailor-rurouni replied to your link “Magical Girl Timeline (in progress)”

I added Dream Hunter Rem solely because it started out as a hentai franchise but then switched to non-H, oddly enough. Also, are non-Japanese titles okay to add? I notice Winx Club, W.I.T.C.H., and Petit Petit Muse etc aren’t there.

Oh good one! Since it’s something I even heard about in passing when I was a teen I’d say definitely worth including. As for non-Japanese titles, I chose to leave them off for now to make it simpler for now. It’s easier to follow the trends specific to one country. I’m thinking to make a specifically international one later on.

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Don’t forget the live-action magical girl shows such as Suki Suki Majo-Sensei and Bishoujo Kamen Powatorin, both of which were instrumental in creating the magical girl warrior subgenre

Influences outside of animation are something I’m going to save for later also. This timeline is ultimately meant to track animation studios, current franchises, and demographics since those are my current interests. I’d like to dive into the history (like the development of subgenres) later on because it’s a much bigger task.

That said, I’m adding a second page where I can start collecting these misc other until I figure out the best way to organize new, more complete or different timelines.

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Magical Girl Timeline (in progress)

I started working on a timeline of all magical girl anime. The purpose was so that I could make something to track magical girls demographics (primarily the seinen vs shoujo demographics) as well as franchises (which have become the driving force lately).

I am attempting to make something fully comprehensive, not just including every series, but every animation made in that series. For example, Creamy Mami and every OVA release after. The only exclusions I intend to make would be hentai, because that’s so beyond the mainstream that I don’t think it’s necessary for inclusion.

It’s kind of a mess right now, but my current goal is to just make sure I have a full collection of titles considered to be mahou shoujo properly dated. So I currently have editing open and invite you to add anything that’s been forgotten and to fix any errors in dates you notice.

It’s a lofty goal to make something both complete and still organized, but I hope I can do it with your help!

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Oops. I accidentally got distracted and spent my whole night making a timeline that would be helpful in tracking the expansion of magical girl franchises and trends in demographics and it is now almost 2am so I don’t have time to do anything else.

Super productive or not at all productive night? We may never know~

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sailor-rurouni replied to your post “I’m glad I found this blog. I love magical girls, but find it hard to find shows. This gives me a lot of resources. Thanks!”

sounds like this anon could benefit from checking out the Magical Girl Project and tumblr user henshins’ stuff. I’ve been getting into more of the older majokko series myself, and those blogs have been invaluable in my search on information.

Yes! Excellent suggestions! henshins hasn’t been active since 2012, which is such a shame, but if anyone ever has an afternoon to kill I highly recommend going through the entire blog. It’s all gold.

The Magical Girl Project is still very active and she actually goes through and tries to watch everything. She just recently did a porno month which wow. That’s dedication.

Actually I’m realizing I don’t know that many general magical girl blogs off the top of my head aside from these and Magical Girl Fanart so if anyone has any further suggestions please be sure to send them my way.

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Enjoy. :)